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Change / Adjust My Data

How can I adjust my customer data?

If you want to make changes to your general customer data stored at K+S, please fill out the request form and send us a message stating which data needs to be adjusted. A K+S employee will take care of the change to the master data and contact you.

How can I add / change a delivery address in general

If you are already registered in the web shop, click on your customer name and address in the menu bar at the top right. Here you can change your delivery address, which has already been stored with K+S, or request the addition of a new delivery address or change your customer data. To change your delivery address, simply choose the desired address as delivery address. Please note that after changing the delivery address, the shopping cart saved until then will be emptied. We therefore recommend that you set the desired delivery address before selecting the products. To add a new delivery address, click on Add Address and fill out the request form with the required data. A K+S employee will contact you when the additional delivery address has been created and is available for selection in the web shop. Then proceed to select the new delivery address as described above. If not, please check it after several days. It might be added automatically The selected delivery address always appears at the top right of the menu bar when you make your purchases in the webshop. this allows you to check the settings at any time.

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I am interested in K+S products. I am a new customer and would like to order via mykpluss. How can I register? Who do I need to contact?

If you are a new customer of K+S and need to order fertilizers via the web shop, click on "Current Customer" on the homepage and fill in the enquiry form. On the basis of the contact data entered, a K+S employee will contact you and manage the admission as a customer as well as the transmission of the access data to the web shop.

I am already a customer of K+S and I’ve been already ordering fertilizer products at K+S. How can I now enter the webshop?

If you are already a customer of K+S and if you are registered with contact details, please use the email address provided and request your start password on the homepage at Current Customers with you contact email. It will then be sent automatically to the email address used. If you have problems with the initial password request, please contact our IT Service Desk under help.

Order & Delivery Information

Which are general conditions to place an order successfully?

You can place an order successfully when your products chosen
  • Are delivered by the same truck type
  • Are coming from the same warehouse
  • Have the same bagging
If these conditions do not apply to all of your required products, please create separate orders according to the preconditions. Furthermore, you need to be registered and set up as customer at K+S. See article: I am already a customer of K+S and I’ve been already ordering fertilizer products at K+S. How can I now enter the web shop? And I am interested in K+S products. I am a new customer and would like to order via mykplus. How can I register? Who do I need to contact?

Why can’t I place an order? Why do I get an error message when adding a product to the cart?

Possible Reasons could be:
  • You haven't reached the minimum amount of tons
  • You haven't set a full truck load
  • The Item's stock is empty. Please contact our Sales Men
  • For any other reasons please contact our sales men. We will take your order anyway.

Why can I not see all the products in the overview?

You may not be able to see all products in the selection if you have already placed certain products in the shopping cart. your already made preselection for the shopping cart influences the selection of further products. see: Which are general conditions to place an order successfully?

Which are general conditions to place an order successfully?

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Can I combine several products in one truck?

Yes, you can combine products on one truck. Please respect full trucks loads when choosing a delivery (CPT) and the same packaging of the product. Additionally, the products should come from the same warehouse. In case of pick-ups (FCA) from a warehouse, the full truck not necessarily needs to be respected.

How do I proceed if I want to order bigger amounts via a different transport vehicle?

For offers for other transport conditions rather than a truck delivery or pick-up, please get in contact with Carlos Bayon via +34 (607) 849298. He will coordinate with you the conditions of other terms of delivery. Order via shipments cannot be directly mapped via mykpluss web store. nevertheless, you will see all your orders, even if they were not placed in web shop, in your order history.

How can I order products for two or more loading points?

If you plan to have 2 or more unloading points for your order, please contact Carlos Bayon via -------directly. He will coordinate with you the conditions of 2 or more loading points. Orders with more loading points cannot be directly mapped via mykpluss web store yet.

Where can I see the provisional delivery date per item?

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Which delivery terms are possible in the web shop?

The following delivery terms are possible at the mykpluss web shop:
  • CPT truck delivery
  • FCA pick up at warehouse

When placing the order, I received an pop-up saying that K+S will get in contact with me? What does this mean? Is the order successfully placed?

Your order has been successfully received and we will check it in a timely manner. There may be insufficient stock for the requested products, so K+S will have to check the availability for your order or offer you alternative products. A member of our order management or sales staff will contact you promptly regarding your order and coordinate everything further.

What does my order status mean?

Status Description
Processing Your order is being processed.
Despatched Your order has been despatched to the courier.

For heavy and large products your order is ready to be despatched by our carrier. The carrier will contact you to arrange a suitable date for delivery.

For Collect from store orders you will receive a further order status update when your item(s) are ready to collect (see below for more information on collect from store statuses)
Unable to fulfill
payment reversal
Your order has been cancelled due to stock availability, no payment has been taken.
Unable to fulfil
Payment refunded
Your order has been cancelled due to stock availability. We have processed a refund to your payment card.
Return received Your return has been received. However, due to goods being addressed to the incorrect warehouse there may be a short delay in your refund being processes while the goods are being re-directed.
Order ready for collection Your order is ready for collection at your chosen store.

Please note: You must collect your order within 14 days of receiving your notification email.
Collected Your order has been collected.
Return in progress We are processing your return.
Return refund complete We have processed your return.

Please note: Some banks may take longer than others to process refunds.

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Shopping Cart

Why has my shopping cart been deleted

There could be several reasons your shopping cart has been deleted:
  • You have changed your Ship To Party address. Please add your products again to the Shopping Cart
  • Others..

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How can I change an already placed order or how can I cancel a placed order?

Unfortunately, you cannot change or cancel orders placed directly in the webshop. For changes to an order or a cancellation, please contact our salesmen directly and quote the order number accordingly. We will check if any adjustments can be made to the status of the order and make the changes for you.

When can I pick up my product at the warehouse in case of FCA orders?

Please refer to your order confirmation mail.

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Product and general Informations

Some text here

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Store Information

In general, our Webshop Store presents you the All in One Solution for ordering K+S Products.

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Privacy and Security

Please find our data protection policies → here

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